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School Photos

School Pictures are a great way to create a timeline tracking our kids as their features and little smiles change, and we see them grow before our eyes. However, traditional school photos often leave out who your child really is.

Capture your little one's personality with a Boutique School Photography experience. Let's get the wiggles, smiles, quirks, silliness, and expressions that make them who they are.


I am a woman on a mission to get rid the world of stilted school photos and, instead, capture authentic moments to cherish for years to come.

Will you join me?


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The little details...

- Your school administration will coordinate with me and provide all families with date/time slots for photos.


If you need some ideas to prepare your kid for Picture Day, check out this blog post, where I talk about it.


- 2 weeks after picture day, you will receive a private, password-protected digital gallery where you can order prints, download digitals, and more! All orders will be delivered to the school.


If you are a school/daycare center or want to learn more about booking this service:


Package 1. 

  1. Student Portrait 8x10

  2. Class Photo 5x7

  3. Student Wallet


Package 2. 

  1. 2 Student Portrait 8x10

  2. Class Photo 8x10

  3. Student Wallet


Extra orders

(only available to order with a Package)  

  • Digital Student Portrait  $30

  • Student Portrait 8x10 $20


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