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How to prepare for School Photo

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Picture Day is coming and you want your kid to be ready, right? Well, there is less to do than you think. I would truly suggest to keep it simple and just follow a few tips.

1. No more say cheese!

Please, don’t coach your child by telling them to smile big for the camera. My aim is to capture your child's personality and genuine expression. I’ll do everything in my power to create a relax and fun space for your kid to smile naturally.

A quick prep talk is enough for them to know what is coming.

2. Better than fancy kid, a happy kid!

Let your child wear what he/she is comfortable wearing. If your kid never wears a dress or a button up shirt, don't force them to wear it for picture day. Honestly, the photo is more about your kid and not about the clothes.

3. Ok but seriously, what he/she should wear?

The best thing to wear is a simple light to medium toned (not too dark), one or two-colored shirt/dress with no writing or logos.

If you would like to add on that, wearing layers, textures like knits, or shirts with simple patterns are also great.

I know kids love bright colors and characters in their clothes but neon or bright colors can cast your kid’s skin. Big logos or printed characters can take the attention off from what is important, your kid’s beautiful face.

Hope this helps!

Remember, most of the time a clean face and a dressed kid is all we need 😊


Bibiana Ruiz is a Seattle & East Side based Family Photographer. She specialized in lifestyle photography focused on real moments and connections.


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