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5 reasons to book a photography in-home newborn session.

In home Sessions are safe, easy and comfortable for your family.

Hiring a photographer for a newborn photography session might sound stressful. It can make you think it will add an extra task to your already complicated to-do list.

Well, it doesn’t have to be. Allow me to share 5 reasons to help you feel confident about booking a session to capture this beautiful, and chaotic time.

1. There is no place better place than home for you and your baby.

This sounds obvious right? Staying home and not having to worry about being somewhere on time will make the whole experience easy and joyful.

2. Your photos will be unique.

We will create memories for you and they deserve to be special. Your house, your room, the baby blanket, the rocking chair or even your cup of coffee will become part of them. No need to clean the house, or fold the laundry. Together we can find the best place in your home to tell your story in pictures.

3. You don’t have to worry about anything.

You just have to be you. You can feel comfortable feeding your baby or changing his/her diaper, it all is part of the experience. We will have a relaxed session with pauses and breaks.

4. Include older siblings.

No pressure for older siblings. They can eat a snack, play games, and when they are ready to join, we can include them in the portrait memories.

5. You will preserve real and sincere memories of this great moment.

This photo shoot session will be a visual record of how amazing and chaotic your baby's arrival is.

If you are ready to book or have any questions, write me at

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